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La Vieille Maison

It is an ancient silk factory in gentle and well-balanced proportions, located in the calm countryside of the borders of the Cevennes mountains, in a small dale, encircled with woods and vineyards. From this old stone house opens a wonderful view into the valley and on the Cevennes mountains surroundings. Tracks invite to walks and to discover the rocks and neighboring dales. Across a long arch in stones where, every year, the swallows come to build their nests of loam, its entrance leads us up to the inner covered courtyard, - here it is nice sit down in the shade during the hours of the heat wave, or in the charming atmosphere of candlelights the evenings when you might taste the gourmet diners of our gourmet stop.

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From here you can attain the garden of natural garrigues wilderness with its olive- and fruit-trees, his pond, it is a place of dream for and to laze in the sun..., from the courtyard you have also access to the balcony covered with the 100 year old wisteria and to the ancient part of guesthouse with its rooms and dining facilities for the wintertime, as the spacious living room with its chimney. The terrace on the roof gives you another place encircled with wisteria to rest or dine - except the cold days of autumn- and wintertimes.

Guests dispose also the living rooms with ancient chimney, dining room, terrace on the roof and the shady patio.

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Fauna and Flora

In the dale push chestnuts and micocouliers and fauna remains very vivant: Here say pheasants, fox and boars good night to each other. There are owls, bald - mouse, nightingales and a multitude of birds "of day" and "night".

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In renovating this old farm dating from 1481, we sought above all to preserve the authenticity, the simplicity and the tranquility of the places, in order to make it a real haven of peace. Our attention was focused on the preservation of the natural spaces, but also on respect for the tradition. The renovation of the stonehouse has taken into account both the construction techniques of the time and the latest ecological materials available today. Our guest rooms have preserved a certain cachet, in a place with a soul with a special atmosphere. A modern comfort is also available for a relaxing stay. Ideal to relax, our house will allow you to leave out the stress of everyday life.

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The house does not offer Television, for more authenticity, all our doors and windows are vintage. The rooms do not have a key lock but are equipped with closing systems dating from the creation of the farmhouse.

We present in all areas originals works of actual art.

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Gourmet Stop

Our Gourmet Stop intends to highlight a creative and refined cuisine. For this, recipes prepared with love are offered to you. They create a the mixture of flavors, audacity and inventiveness. On this occasion, you will be able to make surprising culinary experiences with traditional Mediterranean influences but also imbued with cultural riches from various continents, with varied and tasty seasonings. In search of a superior quality of meat, fish and vegetables, we have made the choice of organic, natural by providing us with fresh products exclusively regional. Our meat and poultry, from free-range farming, come from small slaughter structures and family breeding structures in the Cévennes. On the other hand, all our meats are matured. This maturation work, like the aging of the wine or the ripening of the cheese, requires time (between 12 and 14 days) and a unique know-how on the part of the butchers. This step is decisive in obtaining a quality meat, melting and with an exceptionally tasty taste.

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Special Offers

Our offer includes also relaxation stays with massages, gourmet getaways, and celebration diners stays. Breakfast is included in the reservation. The buffet offers a wide choice, including homemade yogurt, several varieties of bread with various cereals, many jams and fruit (croissant or choco-croissants available on request). In terms of drinks, the offer is still abundant: orange juice, coffee (roasted in a small local burner and prepared in an Italian coffee maker), green or black tea of superior quality, hot chocolate (real chocolate). Rich and complete, our breakfast buffet will bring you strength and well-being for the whole day.

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Local Activities

Places to visit are the bamboo forest and small steam-train from Anduze to St Jean du Gard, the national park of Cevennes mountains, gorges of the Herault, Ardèche and Tarn, various caves as the Demoiselles, Trabuc, Draguignan etc, the Mediterranean sea and its beaches as small old Greek or Roman towns, le Pont du Gard, Avignon, Montpellier and Nimes, the summer festivals of dance, theatre or music.

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Reservations can be made by phone, email or online.

For a request of arrival in advance or a late departure, it will be necessary to foresee an additional cost of 20€.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

The means of payment accepted for online reservations are CB, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Bank Transfer, and e-cheques Vacances.

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